Thursday, 19 November 2009

Harry Rednapp and Andriy Shevchenko

Harry Redknapp has revealed how he missed out on signing Andriy Shevchenko as West Ham United manager. According to a report in today's Guardian, Redknapp admits he could've signed the former AC Milan and Chelsea striker. "I was at West Ham and Frank Lampard Snr and I were approached by these two villains who said they were doing some business in the Ukraine, and we were so scared of them we agreed to have a look at a couple of these kids. One of them we played against Barnet Reserves and he scored the winner. They said they wanted a million quid for him, and Frank said it was too much - well I’m blaming Frank — and we let him go. His name was Andriy Shevchenko!"

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  1. Ancient news this stuff. Why has it made the news again after so many years? I heard he also turned down Marcelo Salas from Chile who turned out to be a little tasty in Italy.