Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Scott Duxbury

Sky Sports

Scott Duxbury:

"The January transfer window is perplexing. You're in the middle of a race and then suddenly you've got to lose some of your players. You should be able to get to the end of the race with the squad you've got - and we're doing well.

We didn't want to lose any players because I think we can achieve something quite special this season. There is a change of philosophy at this football club; I keep referring to the football project, it's a business plan that we stick to [in order] to deliver success.

Part of that is that we need to be aware of our fans expectations, and we need to be aware who our local rivals are. There's a masssive rivalry between ourselves and Tottenham. As I've said, it's nothing against Tottenham but why on earth should we sell any player that would strengthen their team? It just makes no sense to me.

We're competitive, we're in a competitive league. I want to finish above Tottenham year after year and I want to deliver success - so I won't be selling any of our players to our local rivals, it just makes no sense to me."

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