Monday, 26 January 2009

Scott Parker and Mark Noble

Quotes from today's Guardian:

Scott Parker: "Bellers hasn't been on the phone asking me to go up to Manchester and that wouldn't be welcome... Until anyone says any different I see my long-term future at West Ham. I'm playing some really good stuff, I'm in a passing team and it's really pleasing and enjoyable. We've got something really good under the new management. The manager is a really confident person and that's reflected in the way we're playing. We're not scared. Gianfranco Zola's been great for us. I honestly think that, given time, this manager can do something really good with the players we've still got here. We are going to sorely miss Bellers, but we have to forget about Craig now. Other people will come to the fore."

Mark Noble: "I don't think we could do without Scott. He's very important. He gets the play going, makes great tackles and takes responsibility.The gaffer and his staff are fantastic, we work really hard and are much more resilient than before. We've sold a few players but the manager has accepted that and we've pulled together as a team. We're not a massive squad but we are a team."

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